What does winning mean to you?

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What does winning mean

What does winning mean to you was one of the questions, asked by one of my school friends.  So I answered him, Winning doesn’t always mean being first. It’s about how better we are than before.  If today you have done better than yesterday, then you are winner. So winning is about getting better and becoming a better version of yourself, changing the thought process, challenging yourself and coming out of your comfort zone. Yeah! Every day is a new day, Every new day is an opportunity to improve yourself. It’s about how much efforts you incur moving towards your goal. Remember you always learn more from your failure than that of Success, but not letting you stop yourself and still working more towards your goal is also winning.  So take the opportunity and make the most out of it.

One of the famous quotes by Steve Jobs

“If you are working on something that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.”

– Steve Jobs

The above quotes stands as an powerful and an outstanding statement to me. Because, when you have passion you don’t need a drive, the vision itself will pull you and you will progress.

The secret Sauce

So for few people whatever they take or participate they will win. For few, whatever they do , they end up in failure . So here is a short motivational story for you.

There was a king, who use to win any war, with just limited number of warriors. One day, the king got a news that the enemy is approaching with 10 times the army the king had. The commander in chief rushes and meets the king, and asks, are you sure that we will win this war? This question was not just by the commander in chief but also by the other soldiers and ministers. Indeed the entire kingdom had the same question. Now the king told, let’s do toss a coin, if it falls heads, then we are winning, if it falls tails we will be losing and they decided to flip the coin. So when the coin was tossed, everyone were eager to see what will be the result. The result was it fell as heads, which means winning. So the entire kingdom and army was very happy. They got equipped and they got ready for the war. The day the war came, everyone did their bit and indeed won the war as well.

The other day, while celebrating the win, the commander said, we got heads and we won. Now the king, secretly gave the coin to the commander. When the commander saw the coin, both sides had heads only.  The commander was surprised to see that. Finally the king told the commander, that the coin did not decide whether we will win or not, it’s the confidence that we had. Remember, if you are confident and do follow the right thing, then you can win. If the coin was for real and if tails has fell, then the entire army would have lost confidence, which could have led to the failure. So believe in yourself and your ideas to be successful.  In simple, the secret sauce for success is nothing but confidence.

The commander in chief, learnt a good lesson. So the fact to understand is that being a leader involves more than taking charge, it also entails motivating and enabling other to reach their full potential. This has led to the victory of the Kingdom.


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