Never Judge Anyone Too Quickly

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Most of us have the habit of judging someone in just a blink of a eye. Yes, that’s a true fact. Indeed judging just happens by seeing, without knowing the person nor we have we interacted with the person. A common assumption is that if someone has a big mustache, or they have lot of body tattoos we assume ourselves that they may be rugged. Just give it a thought, are we really correct in our judgement. Absolutely not! Few of us who are reading this I am sure we have crossed paths with similar people, who were really nice people to interact or other way round while their appearance was different. And there is a other set of people, who judge a person by hearing what others say. But in reality, it may or may not be true. So its important that we give some time, interact, observe, think in their shoes and then decide. Judging anyone too quickly is not going to help either of us. We may lose a good to be friend or a partner based on our ignorant judging.

And the other important thing is, we are so used that if someone listens to whatever we say, they are good. If they don’t listen, they we tend to ignore them. Especially if some disagrees to the point we say, we are so ignorant to them, and judge them as “This person will always disagree to what I say”. Later if the same person gives an other idea and you don’t want to accept it, your judgement turns that “This person might be an idiot, who is not willing to accept what I say and comes up with his own theories”. Again, while parting the ways after a long discussion, you think yourself that “I should never meet this person again or I should be in just hi-bye relationship”. Isn’t this true?

Okay let me take you through a short story that explains “Never Judge anyone too quickly“. There were 2 patients in a mental hospital who were undergoing treatment for over 10 years. One day both were going for a walk and they reached the swimming pool area within the campus. One patient out of excitement jumped in the swimming pool and was drowning. The other patient who came along with this patient jumped and somehow saved him. Meanwhile, the faculties from the hospital came and was appreciating the patient who saved. The next day, the doctor called the patient who rescued the other one and said “I have a good news and bad news for you“. The patient was listening. So the doctor said “As you rescued the co-patient yesterday, we know that you are now mentally stable and we are going to discharge you from the hospital today“. And the bad news is that, “the co-patient whom you rescued has hanged himself and died.” After hearing this, the patient said “oh No! I only hanged him so that he can get dried“. Now you know what the doctor would have decided.

Its really important not to judge anyone by their appearance or behavior’s. Sometimes our judgement might be wrong. In a real incident, I happen to see a person who was not able to walk steadily, was falling frequently and again getting up and trying to walk. I tried to go near and the bystanders said, he might be drunk or would have been in drugs, why will you go and help him. But still I went to hold him and realized he is not drunk nor in drugs. Later a nurse who passed by that side stopped, did check at his pulse and told he is probably losing control due to low sugar. Post which one bystander gave him a chocolate to eat and we made him relax in a place for sometime for the medical help to arrive. Before even the help can arrive, he was fine and was able to speak and walk. Finally he called the family members and informed his situation before going to the hospital. So my dear readers, please observe, listen, gather facts, decide, and please don’t be quick in judging anyone. Every one has their own goodness and situations, depending on which they may behave. As a conclusion, remember the below quote.

Do not judge by appearances; a rich heart may be under a poor coat. – A Scottish Proverb.


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