Finding Joy and Freedom in Life

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Happy Life

We all have the freedom to do what we want. So finding joy is easy, but unfortunately we all think a bit too much about past or the future and forget to live the present. Just give it a thought, We have got so much freedom, so many memories, so many opportunities and indeed have got the talent to develop our own unique personalities, but still we tend to look at someone else’s life and start comparing ourselves with them. This is where the real problem starts. Yeah! we forget being our own and start living a life which is not ours. Let’s come out of it and live our life. Throw the negative thoughts, focus on the good things that makes you happy and makes others happy who are surrounded to you. Yes, Happiness can always be shared, that makes your more happy and provides the satisfaction. Learn How to live life, that makes you feel better.

To find joy in your day-to-day life, appreciate even your small achievements, surround yourself with positive people, make self-care your routine and importantly laugh more. Believe in you and live the life that gives you the inner peace. When inner peace is there, you can find joy and live a life that you love. Many complain of financial stress, family stress, work stress and so on, but in reality these are just part of life, you need to believe that these are there to make a better self and make you get stronger. Face it with positivity and these stress will no more be stress, instead it becomes nothing.

So once there lived a very rich man. He came to meet a monk and said “Monk, I have everything – golds, diamonds, ruby, money and a very good family, however I am unable to be happy.”. So monk asked the rich man “What troubles you?” so the rich man replied, “1. I have the fear that someone will steal my wealth, 2. I think that if my money gets robbed my family or the society won’t respect me 3. In case I have the wealth, I have my 3 children, who will fight for it and 4. I can’t sleep well, thinking of what will happen tomorrow 5. I don’t know what will happen to my business after me dead and so on.” So the monk laughed and said to the rich man “You have been running behind the money for so many years, and you thought that wealth is one that gave you the power and love from family and society and then you are worried what will happen to your wealth after you die.”. The rich man was quietly looking at the monk.

Then the monk said “okay, I have a task for you do. I have a pot covered with a cloth, which has got most difficult knots, if you can open, then your problem will be solved.” The rich man now having a hope thought that if he unlocks all the knots, then there is a solution for him and he can be happier as always. So he started untying the knots and one by one he was able to untie it. When he completed, he took the cloth of the pot and it was nothing inside. No the monk looked at the rich man and said “Listen, you had the hope and confidence to untie all the knots thinking this will make good. But at last you found nothing inside the pot. Life is like that. You are not going to take anything with you. When you are unattached to your wealth automatically you life will be good. if you have more than what you have give it to the needy, that is happiness. If you have children, they also know how to live the life and grow up as you did. So there is nothing permanent in life. Your real respect comes from what you are and not by the wealth. Remember this” After this, the rich man went with a peace of mind, that life is same for all and everyone owns one, so they will take care of their own self. So enjoy your life with the freedom to do what you love. But know, there is difference between knowledge vs. commonsense, if you know this, you can take good decisions in life, which brings you happiness.

“A man asked Gautama Buddha, “I want happiness.” Buddha said, “First remove “I,” that’s Ego, then remove “want,” that’s Desire. See now you are left with only “Happiness.”

― Gautama Buddha

Remember when you are unattached to Wealth and Power, You will get happiness and will live the life you want. The world is broad, there are lot of good people in the world, Stay Positive and Have a Happy Living!


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